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    Name, Age and where you’re from.
    My name is Lazaros Kiotzeridis, friends call me Synyc. I was born in 1993 and I became 25 on 20th of March. I’m in my forth year in University of Central Macedonia, studying Geoinformatics & Surveying Engineering. Apart from spending most of my time playing computer games and attending university, I spend a lot of time playing chess where I was quite successful as I was growing up – and once in a while after uni we grab a cup of coffee with friends from uni.

    Character Name, Class, Primary spec and BattleTag.
    Noirc Druid Balance

    Warcraft Logs or Similar
    Due to the fact that I had to stop raiding to join the army for a year I do not possess any recent logs from Tomb of Sargeras or Antorus mythic. I could give you access to my warcraft logs profile in case you want to check private logs from back in WoD or ToV and Nighthold, though I don’t think they’d be relevant.

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)

    This is what my UI looks like so far, thought it is still a work in progress.

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?
    So after I got discharged, I knew I wanted to start raiding in BFA and I wanted to play with people I knew. So I decided to contact Fishnchipz with whom I used to raid with back in Consequence and kept in touch to this day. I mentioned to him what I was looking for and he suggested that I’d apply to MMM cause it would be a great fit for what I’m looking for.

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?
    So far I’m not in a guild since I only started playing again about two to three weeks ago. I was offered to join other guilds from friends I used to raid with back in Consequence but they are not an option for me since I’m not looking to have to maintain three alts plus a main four characters in total to do progression on a very high level anymore.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?

    Warlords of Draenor
    Highmaul Mythic 7/7 rank 300 Split Seconds Magtheridon Guild we formed with friends from SWTOR. I raid lead for Splits in Highmaul.

    Blackrock Foundry Mythic 10/10 rank 116 Consequence

    Hellfire Citadel Mythic 13/13 rank 39 Consequence

    Trials of Valor Mythic 3/3 Rank 40 – This could have been much higher but we got a 7 day ban for exploiting ap. Consequence

    Nighthold Mythic 6/10 Rank 39 last time I checked. Consequence guild disbanded mid progress due to drama.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others.
    What makes me stand apart from others is that I am a flex player. I can pick any class / spec and learn it quite quickly and perform in a really high level. I do my research whether it’s beta/ptr testing or forum mining to understand the math behind a class what that class is supposed to produce in terms of numbers, what potential the class has and what it can bring to a raid for certain encounters. I read the logs after every night, so I can have clear overview of what went wrong what went right how can I improve on my mistakes. I tend to mostly play around an encounter and not around the dmg meter. I do believe being able to produce the numbers is important though so people can respect the fact that you can do your job when it is required in encounter such as patchwerk where being able to do the numbers is the highlight of that encounter.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.
    As I mentioned above I like to do my own research when it comes down to the class I main and compare that research to the public info that’s been posted on websites such as simcraft, raidbots etc.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)
    Balance Druids provide a great single and multiple target DPS.

    They do shine in multiple target fights due to their ability to multi-DoT and they also have good mobility due to their instant cast spells. However while Balance Druid AoE is strong it requires significant set-up/ramp-up time and is not very bursty resulting in other classes outperforming them in this area. Even though in my opinion their single target burst is quite decent. Furthermore the cons of the class is their inability to immune certain boss mechanics such as Argus chains etc.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?
    I do have Discord and I am vocal when it’s needed.
    This is the mic I use

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)
    This is one of the main reasons I chose to apply here. The days/hours really fit my schedule so it would be a great fit for me.

    I just want to say, I understand that there are quite a few gaps in terms of logs and haven’t played the later half of the expansion, so taking my application under considarartion will be somewhat of a challange this close into BFA release. So I really appreciate you for taking the time to read this

    Youtube Channels
    Main Channel:

    Secondary channel: Mainly OW and some Warlords of Draenor stuff.

    Twitch Channel:

    In case you want to check old VoDs to see what I look am like durring game on.

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    Hello Synyc,

    We spoke a few days ago about your background. Firstly, I’ve got a few questions:

    1. You mentioned you couldn’t transfer over until late July – early August. What’s making you unable to do so?
    2. You’ve applying to us as a Boomkin, could you please elaborate on the classes you’ve played previously: Have you played any ranged DPS previously coming from guilds which heavily split?
    3. When you returned during ToV/NH to play holy paladin, were you in on progression during ToV/NH, etc? I’ve been having issues finding information on this paladin.

    With limited open logs it’s hard to find out information regarding your raiding history this expansion, so any screenshots of the characters warcraftlogs page would be appreciated aswell.

    Thank you in advance.

    – JamSam



    Hi Synyc,

    Thanks for the application.

    Your raiding history is it a much higher level than our team.
    Do you believe you will be motivated to push and celebrate our raiding achievements in BFA, assuming they are in the 150-250 range?

    A sense of achievement and challenge is an important part of raiding – so i would like to understand if you would recieve that here.

    Hopefully Fish will comment with a recommendation to support your application.

    Best of luck,




    I thought I should give my thoughts since I am mentioned in this and he is a friend. I can and will vouch for his ability as a player and person. When we played together in Consequence during HFC he was comfortably one of the outstanding players there. I can confidently say he was one of the best players I have played with recently. I can also vouch for him being able to reroll and maintain that high level. When he rerolled to a holy pala he maintained those high standards. I know this because the other people in Consequence I still talk to confirmed it for me.

    As I said I can only vouch for him as a player and a person. I can say comfortably he’s a top top player and a top bloke (not a normal malaka Greek). If the other difficulties can be sorted out then if we are looking for a boomer for BFA then you would be hard-pressed to find a better player. Hope it can be worked out.


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    Hello JamSam,
    To answer your questions.
    1. Just baSIC monthly responsibilities paying for internet water electricty etc.
    2. My main alt in WoD was a hunter and my main alt in legion was a resto druid plus I’ve played warlock back in WoTLK. So I have experience with both melee and ranged perspectives.
    3. I was the main paladin healer for Consequence. I was in for the entirety of ToV mythic. Name of the paladin was Sinyq. Guarm Mythic
    Helya Mythic
    Botanist Mythic
    Spellblade Mythic So I was in for every kill until the guild disbanded. The only kill I was not in for was Krosus Mythic. The reason for that was I basically decided to bench my self before we even pulled the boss once. Prio to Nighthold progression I got a close friend of mine to join us in Consequence whom played holy paladin for a lot longer than me and had the BiS legendaries for healing that encounter compared to me that only had 4 legendaries with only 1 of them being decent. So instanly I knew in terms of numbers and raw throughput he was the better option.

    Paladin after first helya kill.

    Axion debuff healing last phase of helya mythic

    GM making fun of me about my 4th useless legendary

    One of my best friends in Conse with me outside of Nighthold while drama taking place

    Rogue related pictures.

    Rogue VoD Fishnchips is in there also 🙂

    As to your question Druwd.
    I would not be applying to your guild if I had the smallest doubt that I would not be enjoying my time here. My word means a lot to me, and I also care about the amount of resources that I can invest whether that is money, time or effort in transferring, doing research for my class going forward from legion into future raids etc. Also rerolling to a class I haven’t played before makes me feel excited about playing that class in the future new raid content, doing research and exploring the potential the class can offer, so motiviation will be really high for me.

    Hopefully this answers most of your questions. In case I missed something or you want further information feel free to to let me know and I will try to answer as soon as possible.



    I just want to post a link here for logs from Consequence for ToV and Nighthold mythic Scroll back to 2017 I think you should be able to check logs out.

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