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    Application Form
    Name, Age and where you’re from

    -Mateusz(Matthew), 22, Poland

    Character Name and BattleTag

    -Madbloods, Kowalski#2424



    Primary spec


    Link to your Armory profile


    Warcraft Logs or Similar


    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)

    I’m using BW,Details,WA,Bartender,LW,AA,Quartz

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?

    -Hmm, i found you guys at wowprogress because we are on the same realm. I’m trying to be the best but in my guild sometimes this is unenforceable.You are the best on realm and I want to learn from the best ones.

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?

    – So now in my guild is very hard situation, some of players trying how much they can, rest of players are coming only for fun cause heroic is too easy. Sometimes this is so frustraiting that i need to mute all on discord for better focus. What next raids (patetic), people wiping on boss(its normal ofc you need to wipe) and after 2 hours they are decide that is enough for today.(Raid is from 8p.m to 11 p.m 3 hours)

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?

    -I started semi-hardcore raiding in legion so i dont have a lot of expierience at old raids. I have some expierience with master looting.
    EN 7/7 M – Narrenturm – Cutting Edge
    Trial 3/3 M – Narrenturm/The Revival (dont remember) – Cutting Edge
    NH 7/10 M – The Revival
    ToS 6/9 M – The Revival

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others

    So i’m trying to focus at single target. I’m doing this cause we have a lot of class that doing a lot of AOE in raids so im trying to focus at Boss HP. Enh shaman now is class which you need focus at your buffs. FT, when NH was last raid Frostbrand, now you need focus at buffs from sets. Allways trying to do alfa wolfs ofc without ascendence proc cause then you dont need wolfs mealstorm gathering. Opener looks like Rockbiter>Fury>Flametongue>Wolfs>Crash>Stormstrike. As Enh I need to using stormstrike procs fast as posible.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.

    –I’m always watching replays at warcrafts logs and not only mine. Sometimes reading something from shaman discord and asking better shamans like cayna from method. When new raid are getting out i’m watching Prestigegaming for learning mechanics in that raid. They are streaming sometimes in At farm i’m trying to change my tryinkets for better preperation in mythic dificulty. Ofc i’m always sims myslef for checking what kind of items i need in this moment.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)

    – So many encounters need improve movment speed. Shamans have talent when you can place Windrush totem for better movement. Second is reincarnation. It’s ability for fuckups when something is happening and you can soak some of mechanics and then you can rein yourself without CR CD.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?

    -Yes i can use Discord and i’m using this right now with my guild ofc have mic too. I’m not most vocal person but i can speak when it is necessary.

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)


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    Thanks for the application

    Unfortunately we are not currently recruiting an enhancement shaman so we will have to decline.

    Best of luck


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