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    Hey there,

    Name, Age and where you’re from
    My Name is Jana, I’m 25 and from Germany

    Character Name and BattleTag
    Laìya, Laiya#2746


    Primary spec

    Link to your Armory profileìya

    Warcraft Logs or Similar
    Most of our logs are private, I’m talking to an officer to try to get them public but here are a few:

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)
    I am using grid2 and clique to heal, weakauras and dbm for everything else. I’ve got some Videos from my Point of view. I think it provides more Information than just a screenshot.

    (It might look like I am pressing Buttons but I’m healing with my mouse:D)

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?
    I got approached by someone from your guild via wowprogress. We had a Little Chat and he asked me to apply which I am doing now 🙂

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?
    My last Guild, Illumina (, sadly stopped Progress raiding this Weekend. That’s why I’m looking for something new.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?
    To be honest I don’t have a huge history like most People do. I started playing wow end of WOD and didn’t really raid mythic until end of nighthold. I joined a guild for nighthold Progress but we could barely make 20 People showing up for raidnight so we only cleared 5 bosses. During the end of that time I became an officer and lead the raid with someone else. I managed all the healing stuff for our guild. It slowly fell apart at the beginning of TOS and I wanted to see how I can compete with playeres at a higher Level which is why I joined Illumina. We cleared everything but Kiljaeden because People just left when it got a Little harder. Right now I’m at 9/11 and we almost killed Aggramar.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others
    That’s a tough question. One Thing I saw over the past months when I compared myself to other resto druids was that I always found a way to push some damage in while maintaining a good hps while others just waste their mana or stand around.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.
    I mostly improve by comparing my logs to others and analysing it. During my freetime I used to watch a lot of twitch streams from resto druids like mithzz from Future (Only Plays Balance now, fuck) and Jdotb but he mostly streams m+. I am not afraid to try out new Things even if they might fail but I think thats one way to really learn and improve. Other than that I browse the druiddiscord and talk to other resto druids I know.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)
    We can Pop some rejuvs here and there while jumping around! On a more serious note: we’re pretty good at high movement Encounters and keeping the raid stable.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?
    Yes, yes, sometimes. I might Need my time to get used to new People.

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask me 🙂

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    Hi Laiya – Thanks for the impressive application


    I have a couple of questions:
    1. How did you manage all of the healing setup for your raid team? What did you prepare & how did you manage it outside of raids & inside of raids?

    2. Have you played any other healing specs & would you consider doing so? Have you ever tried Disc for example?

    Best of luck,



    Hey Druwd,

    thanks for the quick Reply. To answer your questions:
    1. We used to Play with angry assignments back then and wrote all the CDs in the note. Managing all the healing cooldowns was quite a challenge for me in the beginning because I didn’t raid mythic before and had to learn what other healingclasses are good at. The best way to manage the CDs for me was to first look up the Encounter and where to use CDs (watching Videos of others killing it, pbe Videos althought that wasn’t really necessary because we weren’t that quick :D). I then thought about what the best way to manage high damage phases was for our lineup and would talk with the other healers about what I thought and they thought was the best way to do it. So in the end it was still Teamwork I guess. 🙂
    During raids I would basically just call out the Person with the next CD to get ready and when to use it.
    2. I have a resto shaman on a different realm on which I helped out some friends during their first mythic kills because they needed a healer. And I actually do I have Disc but I’m still trying to get the right legendarys so I only raided heroic with the char. I boosted him about 2 weeks ago and got all 3 worst legendarys :’). But I really like the Feeling of healing through damage. It’s a challenging class to Play because you Need to understand the Encounter to prepare for big damage Spikes.

    Enjoy the rest of your Weekend 🙂



    Thanks for the responses –

    Final question from me – where do you think you need to improve?
    Preparing for damage better?
    Spot healing ?
    UI optimisation?
    Raid awareness?




    Hey again,

    even though I think I am a good player there are always some points I can improve on (even the best probably can ;)).
    I know that I sometimes lack raid awareness after 4 hours of raiding as you can see in the coven kill because the death could’ve been avoidable. Also I feel like I could communicate and contribute more to the raid with my ideas. It kind of got lost in my last guild cause we had a really quiet environment.
    In regards of the UI: There will always be people who like it and who don’t. I changed it to this before heading into Antorus and I feel comfortable with it even though there might be too many weak auras (I couldn’t decide between 2 for antorus so I always played with 2 of them).
    If I am honest: many of the points above can be improved but it’s not like I need to improve from a low level to a high one. I think its rather the little things I might not know about because no-one ever told me or I never found out myself. But I obviously am willing to work on my flaws and I appreciate any kind of (respectful) criticism because that’s how you improve.



    Thanks for your response Laiya

    Would you be available this evening for a short 5 min chat on Discord?

    Around 21.00 server time


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    sure. I’ll be around at 21.00 Server time. Just let me know where to be 🙂



    Hello Laiya
    Thanks for the chat yesterday.
    You are accepted for a trial
    Whisper any officer ingame for an invite.

    – Korogg

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