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    Application Form
    Name, Age and where you’re from

    Kris, 26 from London, England.

    Character Name and BattleTag

    Krisblade – Krisblade#2309



    Primary spec

    Frost (60) or Fire (63) – Was maining frost but due to needing fire on later bosses I had been dumping everything into fire.

    Link to your Armory profile

    Warcraft Logs or Similar

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)

    Errr my UI is Elvui. Then I use TellMeWhen and WeakAuras to track CDs, boss abilities, debuff etcs. DBM for timers and general boss alerts. Clique for mouseovers like slowfall, was really for decurse but then they removed it ;-; I use ERT for raid notes for things I wanna remember, and raid cooldown tracking.

    People comment on my two DPS meters, there is a reason for it! I run two meter addons – Details! and Skada. Skada is my general meter, I run 5 windows normally, one showing DPS, one showing healing. And then the 3 remaining are for whatever I wanna track on the fly mid pull – damage taken from spell, enemy damage taken, interrupts, deaths etc. For example rain dmg taken on KJ to track whos soaking, interrupts on Mistress for obvious reasons, damage on adds on Harjatan to see who’s not switching etc. But Kris, what about the second DPS meter?! I love the function on Details that allows you to compare people of the same spec in the raid and compare them side by side, like dis:

    I find it invaluable for quickly assessing changes that can be made to maximise DPS or even look who’s DPSing what target and how their damage breaks down to work out what I can do better or why someone else may be lower on a prio target – such as seeing a mage low on an add and the breakdown is just ignite and phoenix flame, so not switching. Just means I can analyse more stuff in game before jumping to logs.

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?

    I heard about MMM from a friend who was just looking at wowprogress for guilds himself and said this one looked interesting. I spoke to Okayama on bnet and even though he wastes a lot of his life waiting for buses, the guild continued to see interesting regardless.

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?

    My last guild was Converge on Khadgar. I’ve been here since HFC, just over a year. Unfortunately the guild disbanded a few weeks ago due to the RL/GM needing to stop playing due to a new job. Officers weren’t willing to take over managing the guild without him, so it was decided just to call it a day.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?

    I’ve raided as mage since I started WoW in LK. First experience with “structured” raiding was in Firelands with a casual guild (vs pugging and arguing over GS before that rip). Progressed to a more serious 10m HC guild in DS. Raided in a guild called eXquisite which was about rank 1k for about two years, where I was officer. I eventually became raid leader and this is where I learnt a lot more about logs and analysing players. It was right on the cusp of warcraftlogs coming out in ToT, and with how easy that was to use vs WoL, I really got into using logs to improve progress. It was around this time I decided to level every class in the game to understand other classes better, as raid leading without knowing how everyone else works is pretty hard haha. We cleared up to to 10/13HC in ToT before I left (as well as 4/6HC HoF 4/4HC ToES). Left as whilst this had been my home to learn heroic raiding, I started to want more from raids than it could offer me.

    Moved to Lunar, cleared 14/14HC SoO pre 6.0 and 14M after, got to 3/7M Highmaul and after almost a year here decided to move to a friend’s guild to raid more casually.

    Joined Indecisive at the start of HFC, cleared 13/13M. Progress was pretty slow, and my guild was on a very small server (Emerald Dream), so after 5 years on ED I decided to move elsewhere to seek higher progress.

    Moved to Khadgar and joined the guild I am in now – Converge – sometime in June 2016. Cleared 7/7M EN (rank 180), 3/3M ToV (rank 205). The guild then moved horde in the hope of easier recruitment and cleared Guldan at 200. We dropped our days down to 3 for ToS, and unfortunately we disbanded soon after. Cleared up to 7/9M (rank 351) and were progressing Avatar at the time.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others

    I think the real thing that makes me stand apart would just be a very extensive knowledge of how others are approaching fights and how this applies to my guild, my comp, and my progress. I spend a great deal of time analysing logs to assess how others approach fights. As complex as WoW is, you’re not really reinventing the wheel. There’s going to be a most effective means of approaching a fight, and when you look at how multiple top mages are all doing the same thing on progress, you can assume this is most likely the most efficient way. But it’s also having the knowledge to know and understand when and if this applies to you. Maybe their comp lacks cleave, and that’s why they’re playing much more AoE orientated style, maybe they need to block a mechanic at a certain part of the fights and that’s why their CDs are delayed rather than it being optimal. It’s knowing how to interpret a log to your own situation and that would be one of my strengths.

    My greatest strength is awareness on a fight. I might not be top dps, I might not be the most flawless. But I am always aware of my mistakes, aware of what can be improved. Every death, every interrupt, every DPS breakdown I look at to see how I can improve and what can be changed in future pulls. My aim is always to maximise my play to be most efficient for progress.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.

    In general I use the Mage Discord, as well as to keep up to date as well as check up on certain things.

    My main resource is logs, especially for progress. Warcraftlogs allows me to do a fight by fight analysis comparing talents, legendaries and trinkets for not only my own class, but others as well. It also allows me to run side by side comparisons vs other mages to see when other people are using CDs, their rotations and a breakdown of their damage across the fight. It’s the easiest way for me to assess what to change and how to adapt to the fight, and how to effectively approach progress fights.

    Outside of DPS it allows me to look at buff uptimes, debuffs, damage taken etc and compare that to other progress fights and other raiders in my team to work out what I can improve. For example uptime on buffer fish on Mistress, damage taken from Glaives on Sisters etc. Whilst I mostly do this for myself, it does give me an indepth look at the raid as a whole and what can be improved. Sometimes this information can be useful on particularly hard progress bosses and I collate this information in order to pinpoint issues in raids. Here’s one from our very short progress on Avatar!

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)

    I mean, it’s a mage. When has mage ever not been a viable DPS. That’s right, fucking never. If mage isn’t one of the top DPS classes we have to cry underpowered til they buff us the OP status we know and love again. In general though, it’s a strong pure DPS class that nearly always has one particularly strong spec. And with recent spec changes, it’s been able to really fill niches between specs. Strong ST with frost, amazing AoE with fire. Or the high mobility and execute of fire that’s made it nice on Avatar. There are some small downsides – any very spread AoE just doesn’t synergise well with fire, and with so much of the cleave being passive, this can become an issue if you need really controlled DPS like on Mistress. Frost is also king of kiting and this can be really useful not only in raids, but in M+.

    On a raid wide utility we’re not as strong as our other cloth brethren. With locks with hearthstones and their stupid overpowered portal, and Spriests offering a nice bit of raid healing with VE, or Mass Dispels… I mean we had Amp Magic and then they took it from us, we had Decurse and THEY TOOK IT FROM US. But if you ever wanna fall really slow from the sky then we have our raid utility of slow fall. Or that one boss an expac you can spellsteal something.

    Regardless of this painful deficit we have one of the strongest raid mechanic nullifying abilities in the game – Ice Block. It’s a pretty big plus for progress raiding, we even get two if we’re Frost. Blocking soaks on Avatar, blocking off murlocs in p3 Mistress, blocking off Lunar Beacon on Sisters, blocking off bombs on Maidens, solo soaking Goroth. It’s the ultimate cheese ability that has been hugely useful basically every raid tier, and warlocks can’t do that so they can keep their stupid portal >:(

    We’re also one of the most mobile classes in the game. Double blink gives us huge movement potential. As fire you can cast and move and do maximum DPS below 30% with belt, you can even get huge movement speed increases with Frenetic Speed and the stacking scorch buff.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?

    I use Discord all the time anyway and I have a mic. I can be vocal when I wanna be, haha. I tend to stick to typing if I have something to say between pulls but I’m fine calling things mid pull if needed.

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 7:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (8:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)


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    Hello & Thanks for the application.

    I have a few of questions:

    1. How are deciding on your stat prio for Avatar & why?
    2. What are your views on Arcane
    3. What do you look for in a raid team?
    4. What attendance % do you believe you will be able to commit to.

    Best of luck!




    1. How are deciding on your stat prio for Avatar & why?
    The real consensus was going for mastery with Avatar. It depends on the comp for the fight, whether to min/max DPS in the final phase which is mostly ST and therefore benefits significantly less from mastery vs haste/vers, or whether you need the cleave onto Maiden in the first phase. Overall going mastery is going to be best though unless min/max dps at the end was that vital. Mastery scales much more strongly on 2T (my scale factor for it is 30% higher than haste/vers) than on 1T where mastery was only 10% below haste and vers.

    Even with a very mastery based gear set with mastery gems and enchants (12k Mast/8k Haste/4k Vers/6k Crit), I was still scaling very strongly with mastery on 2 targets.

    Sims for weights on 1T (FS/UM/Meteor):
    Vers=Haste > Mast=Crit > Int

    Sims for weights on 2T (FS/UM/Meteor*):
    Mast > Vers > Haste > Crit = Int

    (*You can go Kindling which would add even more into cleaving, but people were pretty divided, 60% going Meteor and 40% going Kindling on progress kills I looked at. With using the Sent Owl trinket I preferred going for Meteor to keep the trinket easily lined up, and what I felt was easier overall playstyle for a very active fight.)

    2. What are your views on Arcane
    I don’t really have a strong view on arcane, it’s undergone a lot of changes. The old arcane I completely despised before recent changes, the last time I played arcane was probs BRF. It’s a spec I avoid in general. Luckily in Legion it’s not really had a strong place. With AP and legendaries you can no longer easily switch between specs vs previous expansions. Arcane is far from underpowered or irrelevant, I just feel it doesn’t add anything that frost or fire can’t already do, or really beat those two specs significantly enough that you would dedicate the time and AP to getting it up to scratch.

    I think that’s a pretty commonly held view though and is reflected with what we’re seeing with arcane. They’re out there, and they’re competitive, but people who are playing them have sacrificed another spec to maintain arcane rather than playing all 3 for the most part. If you like arcane, you wouldn’t be significantly held back, and if you don’t it doesn’t add anything to the table worth the time and effort to maintain a 3rd weapon and legendaries.

    3. What do you look for in a raid team?
    The two main things are the correct attitude and effective preparation.

    People should be open to criticism, so long as it’s constructive and people should be able to admit to mistakes. There’s nothing worse than raiding with someone who constantly fails a mechanic and is not only clueless that they are but no one feels able to discuss it with them as they bite people’s heads off. I think that’s something that is just fostered by an environment in certain guilds but I think it really makes or breaks a guild <400.

    And maximising raid time in a 3 day guild. With 4 days you have more leeway to just piss about, you’ll nearly always get at least 2 full days on progress even if you waste hours on tactics and wiping farm. With 3 day you just don’t have this luxury, and raid time needs to be maximised. Kind’ve expecting people to know the fight, and have a tactic in mind on a first night of progress so you can jump straight in rather than wasting the first hour working things out.

    4. What attendance % do you believe you will be able to commit to.
    My attendance is pretty high. During HFC for instance I missed no raids, and maintained 100% attendance in Indecisive haha, where I raided about 9 months. In my time in Converge, at about 14 months of raiding, I missed 2 raids. So in general 95-100%.

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    Thanks for the thorough reply & very good application.

    You are accepted for a trial – Whisper any officer in game for an invite.


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