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    Name, Age and where you’re from
    Peter, 26, The Netherlands

    Character Name and BattleTag
    Kratos. Mithos#2752


    Primary spec
    Fury in Mythic raids, Protection in M+ and Pugs

    Link to your Armory profile

    Warcraft Logs or Similar

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)
    WeakAuras, DBM, ElvUI mainly, Simcraft, Recount

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?
    I heard about MMM through friends that got into contact with one of the officers at first. 10 minutes prior to the conversation with the officers I got whispered by an officer from MMM myself.

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?
    My previous guild was the last remaining guild on the server. We finished as 9/11 and since recruiting was hard on a dead realm the guild died eventually because raiders stopped caring. The previous guild had some good players but also a decent amount of bad players, so I am looking for a guild where the skill is higher while having a friendly and competitive environment.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?
    I have started raiding in Legion and got Cutting Edge for all previous contents with 2 different guilds. The only leading I do is in Heroic Pugs and Mythic+, sometimes in a raiding environment calling stuff out like interrupt on Coven or Add spawns on Varimathras.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others
    I’ve played and raided as a Fury Warrior since Legion and casually before Legion. I pretty much optimize/play my class through my own experience. I generally don’t read guides unless I know the writer is a good player. The only guide I use right now is the one made by Archimtiros. I try to optimize my rotation as much as I can through supporting Weak Auras and checking logs to see where I can improve.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.
    I optimize/improve my performance by using WeakAuras to show information which is important to me. I absolutely hate UI’s that have a ton of (unimportant) information shown. I try to minimize this, show information that is vital to me, so I still see the mechanics and react to them. I try to look at logs of both my own as well as other fury warriors to mainly optimize Battle Cry usage for the encounter. I also use Simcraft/Raidbots a lot of time to see what is my best gear in bags, reaching stat caps, and checking which items from bosses will be an upgrade.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)
    In my opinion the main strength of a Fury Warrior is execute and burst AoE DPS. They also bring one raid wide defensive cooldown (Commanding Shout) which can be life saver if will timed. I would say Fury Warrior is at a very strong place right now, capable of doing both ST as AoE DPS. Compared to other Plate users, Fury is very mobile and capable of fast target switching.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?
    Yes I use Discord all the time and am vocal when necessary.

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)
    Yes I can.

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    Hi Kratos,

    Thanks for the application.

    I see you have played Fury pretty much the entire expansion but I was wondering how do you feel about Arms compared to Fury? Would you play Arms if it were to be the dominant spec/would you feel comfortable playing it if it was out performing Fury on a particular fight?




    Hi Okayama,

    I dislike specs that rely on RNG to do damage, which is Arms specced into Fervor of Battle. However since Arms has the Titanic Might talent it basicly removes the RNG aspect of Arms and I do enjoy playing Arms with Titanic Might. I am okay with playing Arms if it is superior on a certain fight, it also depends on how superior it is. As I am currently more skilled as Fury because I play it all the time. I have all the legendaries, the gear and the artifact power required for it. Looking into BfA, I really like where Arms is going so I would have even less problems with playing Arms!




    Hey Kratos,

    Could you please provide a UI screenshot during a raid encounter? Preferably one which includes how you track incoming raid debuffs / fatal one shot mechanics & so on?

    Thank you, Jamsam.



    HI JamSam,

    Here you go (this is in Protection but I have the same UI in Fury):

    Its pretty basic for this encounter, just DBM timers in a good spot. However, if the boss has a mechanic where the DBM timers aren’t enough for me I use WeakAuras to do the job. For example, we sometimes had problems with the adds on Portal Keeper, so I had a Weak Aura that showed a timer when the Collapsing World exploded, so I could do as much damage to the adds while leaping out last second!


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