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    Name, Age and where you’re from

    Hi, my name is Leo and I’m just merely 19 years old (thus the name Junior). I come from Northern Ireland which most people don’t even consider UK (am i even eligible for the guild then)

    Character Name and BattleTag

    Junior-Sunstrider / dontchase#2198



    Primary spec

    Feathery Moonchicken which crashes various space objects ranging from stars and moons into pests like cockroaches (Balance)

    Link to your Armory profile

    Warcraft Logs or Similar

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)

    This is my UI while in combat, annotated in my beautiful paint skills:

    Here’s “get that paint shit out of my face” edition:

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?

    GSPP4P was kind enough to introduce me to MMM, which looks very attractive already by being just an UK based guild (and it’s so rare to find one with all those bloody swedes all over the place!). I’ve taken some time to glance over the news and kill videos and it really looks like an atmosphere where I’d be able to enjoy myself once more!

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?

    My previous guild is Adapt on Sunstrider, which is a 2day raiding guild focused on efficient raiding. It’s a brilliant guild and an community, however issues slowly snowballed into removal from raid team.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?

    I have started playing during WoD, right as Valor patch for HFC has came out. My spec of choice for WoD was Enhancement Shaman. I began raiding mythic by pugging on Openraid with first 3 bosses, which eventually led up to meeting a player from same realm as me and being offered a spot in 10/13M guild.
    The said guild was named “Worg Riders of Orgrimmar”. (3 days, 3 hours per day) I’ve stayed in that guild in total for a month, as it was crumbling apart and eventually disbanded, as we were backwards progressing, going from progressing on Xhul’horac to having to progress Socrethar again. After disband, I have followed same player who brought me to WRoO to next guild, which was “Rage of Ancients”.
    “Rage of Ancients” (3 days, 3 hours per day) is where I spent my first half of Legion, picked up Cutting Edge for Archimonde, Xavius (realm first!) and Helya. When pre-patch for Legion came around, I was given opportunity to reroll to Balance Druid, as I saw my friend (who brought me to both previous guilds) easily top the meters, and I was like “damn, i wanna do that too”. I’ve raided with Rage of Ancients for year, all the way up to 9/10M (all fights with exception of HC Helya as dps, HC Helya as healer), where I took break as ever increasing gap of inmaturity and 19man raiding in the guild made it very unenjoyable to raid. This is where I was planning to quit in fact, right before Praesidium has found me and offered me a spot to raid.
    “Praesidium” (2 days, 3 hours per day) was rather big step-up, as it was a jump from world 1.1k ranking guild to 350. Their overall aim was focus on very efficient raiding. Going into ToS, guild had clear issue with cliques, as they also rotated nearly up to 50 different trials during NH(!!). The guild disbanded during Maiden progress and here I thought finally comes the sweet release of death…
    Wrong suckers, core team of Praesidium gathered and figured, “why throw it all way? Let’s just reform and carry on”. So we have reformed, renamed ourselves to “Adapt”. I was promoted as one of recruitment officers and we managed to rebuild entire team and still finish tier with impressive 373 world rank (despite not raiding for entire month). I was dpsing for 8 bosses and I was the 3rd tank for final big man, KJ. During downtime, I stepped down as officer and went for vacation to another country for month+, which was one of issues in previous guild. While on vacation, I was not allowed to raid in Adapt, so I have raided in another guild (Bad Alts) on my alt to have experience for fights for when I return. Once I came back, I snatched Coven and Aggramar progress kills and once P3 progress came around for Argus, I was perma-benched from there and have never seen the light of mythic Argus ever since. Now I’m here, knocking on your doors.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others

    Moonfire, moonfire, full moon, starfall, kapow!
    Balance Druid is a builder-spender spec, revolving around resource named “Astral Power”. Primary resource builders are three following abilities: Lunar Wrath (slow cast, cleaves around the target for minor damage), Solar Wrath (quick cast, single target) and MoonMoon (cast time depending on cycle, going from fast, medium and so slow that you might as well go make yourself dinner while waiting for cast time. Slower the cycle, the more power you generate.)
    Apart from resource generating, there are 2 dots that are needed to be kept up, as they provide highest active dmg per second and with trait “Circadian Invocation”, makes the target take 6% more Arcane and 6% more Nature damage. Those dots are Sunfire and Moonfire. Sunfire is a shorter duration dot, however when applied, it applies the dot to everyone around the target. Moonfire is the single target dot and deals most damage as it lasts the longest. Moonfire is the biggest damage dealer on cleave, as with combination of certain legendary which is always used on AoE, it can be applied to 2 targets with single cast and increases damage of Moonfire. Both dots generate 3 AsP whenever they are cast and with talent Shooting Stars, they have 10% chance whenever they deal damage to generate extra 4 AsP
    Now, resource spenders. Starsurge and Starfall are two primary spenders. Starsurge is the primary single target spender, doing big chunk of damage and empowering Lunar Wrath/Solar Wrath for 1 cast, stacking up to 3. Damage empowerment scales with mastery, and at 90% mastery it increases damage of those two builders by 125%. Starfall is primary spender for AoE, costing more than Starsurge unless specced into specific talent (Soul of the Forest). It covers an area and starts doing damage everything in the circle. However, main damage dealer from this ability doesn’t come from it’s damage solely, but dot empowerment, increasing damage of dots on targets affected by Starfall by massive amount (169% with 90% mastery!).
    Balance Druid’s cooldown is “Celestial Alignment” (can be upgraded to Incarnation by use of talent). For 15 seconds, you start generating 50% more AsP from Lunar Strike/Solar Wrath and your abilities do 30% more damage. With trait “Moon and Stars”, each cast increases haste by 3% for duration of cooldown, stacking up infinitely (although good luck reaching that in 15 seconds). Upgraded version of cooldown, Incarnation, increases ability damage by 35% instead and generate 50% more AsP from generators and it lasts for 30 seconds. However, “Moon and Stars” downgrades for Incarnation, increasing haste by each cast by mere 1% haste.
    There are two different openers for Balance Druid: one before reaching 12k mastery and one after reaching 12k mastery. Before reaching 12k mastery, this is the opener:

    Once pull timer hits 3 seconds, pre-pot, cast Solar Wrath, then New Moon, apply dots (Sunfire, Moonfire), use cooldown (Celestial/Incarnation), use Half Moon and Full Moon and then proceed with regular rotation.

    After reaching 12k mastery, opener changes up a bit, but not by too much:

    Once pull timer hits 3 seconds, pre-pot, cast Solar Wrathx2, apply dots (Moonfire, Sunfire), cast all 3 moons, use cooldown and then proceed with regular rotation.

    Balance Druid rotation has 4 rules before proceeding with rotation, which are:
    1. Make sure both dots are up on target
    2. Make sure I am not sitting on 3 empowerments
    3. Make sure I am not capping on AsP
    4. Make sure I am not sitting on unspent moon charges

    From there, rotation is really straight forward, which is:
    1. Keep both dots up on boss
    2. Starsurge if there’s nothing to pad on / Starfall if 2+ more targets are present
    3. Spend all moon charges
    4. Solar Wrath and Lunar Wrath if either of them are empowered
    5. Solar Wrath as filler if all rules are fulfilled.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.

    I use RaidBots religiously, I wake up every morning and start praying in front of RaidBots shrine to see what garbage from my bags will give me most of damage. I frequently lurk in Druid discord and use the pins to keep myself up to date with most recent memery they put up in there. If I do feel like I’m not performing dps-wise like I should be, I start looking into Warcraft logs and compare my logs to 95% percentile players on any fight and see if I can pinpoint major differences.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)

    Personally, I think Balance Druid is a rather versatile dps spec, which really specializes in cleave and extended AoE. Balance Druid’s weakness is AoE where adds have very small healthpool (Portal Keeper imps) as there is not enough time to apply all the dots before they die. Best fight to be bringing Balance Druid would be fights like Coven, Kin’garoth, (Mythic) Varimathras. Now, you would be asking, why tf did you include ST fights? Balance sucks dick on ST fights? I tell ya, you’re wrong. Blizzard is always listening to me and makes fights made just for me and my alts. For example, Kin’garoth adds perfectly align with cooldowns and Balance Druid does some CRAZY damage during their cooldowns. (i also use owl trinket for even more padding but don’ tell anyone, they took away whispers and i don’t want them to take away that too 🙁 ). For Mythic Varimathras, Balance Druid is not brought for their T H I C C dps, but how fast they can nuke the adds. With proper pooling of resources and couple of lucky crits, Balance Druids can knockout 1/4th of adds hp on their own (we are not ele or frost sadly 🙁 ). And Coven, well, you know about Coven. A lot of stuff needs to be cleaved down and it’s up for extended time, which Balance Druid absolutely loves. They can also do some crazy carry damage on Aman’thul adds with correct legendary usage.

    TL;DR: Gods on extended AoE/Cleave, decent ST, great for bursting down priority targets every 2 minutes.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?

    I primarily use Discord to communicate with people. I do have microphone which I often use in raids to say terrible jokes which people sigh at most of time 😉

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)

    Without a problem.

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    Hey junior – thanks for the application.

    I will let the raid team ask any questions they may have & give you a response as soon as possible.





    Hi Junior,

    With druid being such a versatile class how comfortable are you playing the other 3 specs? If you are asked to cover a healer or tank for a week would feel comfortable doing this?




    Do you already have a macro set up to give me innervate on every fight?



    Hey Okayama,

    I am very comfortable with playing Guardian and Balance, Restoration is something that is not yet clicking to me yet. I’m also still working on figuring out kinks and odds of Feral Druid.


    I’m the best innervate machine you’ll ever find.



    Question about your opener explanation. I am intrigued, why do you think going over 12k mastery changes your opener?

    Also you can easily pre cast 2x Solar Wrath and a New Moon, in both openers, before any of them hit the boss. Aslong as you stand 30 yards away on pull, which is easy on most fights.



    Hi @monvillea,
    For opener change for when it goes over that certain mastery criteria, it’s due how our mastery works. The moons do not scale with mastery, but Starsurges do and ideally you want to fit in as many as possible as them as possible in your Incarnation window while they are affected by % damage increase from Incarnation. Casting moons before using cooldown gives you extra 3 seconds to spam more Starsurges ;p

    And regarding the x2 SW opener, I have stopped doing it back in ToS related to bug which would cause the boss to despawn. Here it is in action:
    It would happen very consistently if I did double Solar Wrath and it wasted our farm raid time, so I just adapted to use SW+New Moon instead.



    Hey Junior,

    What’s the circumstances around deciding to step down from an officer role and take a break / go on vacation right when a new raid tier had come out? I see you were clearly still raiding leading all the way up to Antorus.

    – Jamsam.



    Hey @jamsam,

    I stepped down as an officer as I wasn’t contributing enough and was missing officer meetings as I’d be sleeping through it. I had to travel for personal reasons when I went on vacation and it wasn’t burn-out related that I took break, in fact as I mentioned I raided in another guild on my alt as I wasn’t allowed to raid in main guild while on vacation.



    Hi – Apologies for the delay in getting you a final response.

    We have decided to accept your application!


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