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    Personal Information:
    Name : Jéan
    Age : 34
    From : South Africa (Living in Finland)

    Character Information:
    Name : Fozix : Fozix#2205
    Race : Tauren
    Class : Warrior
    Primary : Fury/Arms (This Expansion)
    Secondary : Protection (Since Vanilla, was Primary)

    Armory link & Combat Logs:

    Fozix (Warrior)

    Fozzeh (Deathknight)

    Fozlee (Monk)

    Fozzeh (Druid)

    Log Notes:

    Generally, I don’t go out of my way during mythic raiding to obtain high dps rankings. I focus more on the encounter, getting a clean and smooth kill, minimizing my time and everyone else time, in the raid.

    I do however understand when dps is needed and when i can go out of my way to do that little bit extra.

    Addons & User Interface:
    – ElvUI
    – DeadlyBossMods
    – Weakauras
    – Others which are not related to raiding.

    Idle (In Raid) :
    Protection (In Combat):
    Fury (In Combat) :

    For quick reference, here are some of my Point of View kill videos. In these videos, you can see my tracking of cooldowns, external cooldowns, pots and trinket procs, along with other handy or crucial information.

    I use MANY modifier macros to keep my UI clean and clutter free, allowing me to keep my focus on the raid!

    * Note: My personal mic was not being recorded from nVIDIA Shadowplay software.

    Mythic Mannoroth –
    Mythic Tyrant Velhari –
    Mythic Xul’horac –

    While i don’t have much to show from a damage dealer perspective, my ui, keybinds and information weakauras are almost exact across all active characters i play.

    Reason for Applying:

    I found your recruitment listing on WoWProgress after finding out my guild has, from tonight, stopped raiding until further notice.

    I have applied to your guild in hopes of raiding with a friendly, humorous bunch of misfits, such as myself. Seeking like minded players with like minded goals in World of Warcraft.

    Previous Guilds:

    Guild : EmptyPromises (Twisting Nether)
    Guild Master : Shadeh (Bloodelf Male, Assassination Rogue)

    EmptyPromises was a rebuilding guild i thought i could help grow into its former glory of obtaining high ranking boss kills.

    During the second week of raiding, i was promoted, which was rather quick so I’m guessing i did something or have something they liked and wanted, or, it could have just been because it was a rebuilding guild 🙂

    Sadly, after 3 weeks of raiding, people were burnt out, not looking for the sort of raiding that was being done in the guild, people started to leave, in 3’s and 4’s at a time.

    Shadeh, with respect to what he was doing about rebuilding the guild, was very toxic and vocal to mistakes made by trials/members, wipes or very close % kills. Which was a given since he’s already done the bosses previously, before rebuilding the guild.

    This was a VERY strong factor as to what caused people to leave in groups.

    Thursday, March 1st, 2018 was when he informed the guild that the guild will no longer be raiding until further notice.

    I have applied to this guild in hopes to complete my raiding tier and the prove to be a strong asset to the raiding core for the next Expansion.

    Raiding Experience: Vanilla

    Vanilla WoW was not so much of a big raiding thing for me, starting late I did not have any good guild or the fact that there was no guild recruiting any warriors at the time, that, and they were already in AQ40 when I started WoW.

    NOTE: All raiding achievements are done at the time of their release. The kills noted are done without nerfs, raid wide debuffs.

    Psyphin (aka: Tiggles), Dwarf Warrior (Protection)

    ZG : Full Clear
    MC : N/A
    ONY : Full Clear
    BWL : N/A
    AQ20 : Ayamiss the Hunter (4/6)
    AQ40 : N/A
    Naxx : N/A

    Raiding Experience: The Burning Crusade

    TBC Came and after playing my warrior and finding out that there was such a huge abundance of tanks in the game, and very little healers to support them. So I decided to make a priest. After I got to 70 and had decent gear (which was really quick!) This was my progression.

    Lithix, Draenei Priest (Holy)

    [n][x] Servant Quarters
    [n][x] Attumen the Huntsman
    [n][x] Moroes
    [n][x] Opera Event
    [n][x] Maiden of Virtue
    [n][x] The Curator
    [n][x] Chess Event
    [n][x] Terestian Illhoof
    [n][x] Shade of Aran
    [n][x] Netherspite
    [n][x] Nightbane
    [n][x] Prince Malchezaar

    Gruul’s Lair:
    [n][x] High King Maulgar
    [n][x] Gruul the Dragonkiller

    Magtheridon’s Lair:

    [n][x] Magtheridon

    Serpentshrine Cavern:
    [n][x] Hydross the Unstable
    [n][x] The Lurker Below
    [n][x] Leotheras the Blind
    [n][x] Fathom-Lord Karathress
    [n][x] Morogrim Tidewalker
    [n][x] Lady Vashj

    Tempest Keep:
    [n][x] Void Reaver
    [n][x] Al’ar
    [n][x] High Astromancer Solarian
    [n][x] Kael’thas Sunstrider

    Hyjal Summit:
    [n][x] Rage Winterchill
    [n][x] Anetheron
    [n][x] Kaz’rogal
    [n][x] Azgalor
    [n][x] Archimonde

    Black Temple:
    [n][x] High Warlord Naj’entus
    [n][x] Supremus
    [n][x] Shade of Akama
    [n][x] Teron Gorefiend
    [n][x] Gurtogg Bloodboil
    [n][x] Reliquary of Souls
    [n][x] Mother Shahraz
    [n][x] The Illidari Council
    [n][x] Illidan Stormrage

    Sunwell Plateau:
    [n][x] Kalecgos
    [n][x] Brutallus
    [n][x] Felmyst
    [n][x] Alythess & Sacrolash
    [n][x] M’uru (Pre Nerf #1)
    [n][x] Kil’jaeden

    Raiding Experience: Wrath Of the Lich King

    After coming to Ravencrest and having the COMPLETE! opposite with tanks –vs- healers. I decided to go back to playing a warrior as a main. This was his progression.

    Fosix (aka: Tiggles), Gnome Warrior (Fury)

    Onyxia’s Lair:
    [n][h] Onyxia
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    The Ruby Sanctum:
    [n][ ] Halion
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    [n][ ] Anub’Rekhan
    [n][ ] Grand Widow Faerlina
    [n][ ] Maexxna
    [n][ ] Noth the Plaguebringer
    [n][ ] Heigan the Unclean
    [n][ ] Loatheb
    [n][ ] Instructor Razuvious
    [n][ ] Gothik the Harvester
    [n][ ] The Four Horsemen
    [n][ ] Patchwerk
    [n][ ] Grobbulus
    [n][ ] Gluth
    [n][ ] Thaddius
    [n][ ] Sapphiron
    [n][ ] Kel’Thuzad

    The Obsidian Sanctum:
    [n][h] Sartharion
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    The Eye of Eternity:
    [n][h] Malygos
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    Vault of Archavon:
    [n][ ] Archavon the Stone Watcher
    [n][ ] Emalon the Storm Watcher
    [n][ ] Koralon the Flame Watcher
    [n][ ] Toravon the Ice Watcher

    Fosix (aka: Tiggles), Gnome Warrior (Tank)

    [n][h] Flame Leviathan
    [n][h] Ignis the Furnace Master
    [n][h] Razorscale
    [n][h] XT-002 Deconstructor
    [n][h] Assembly of Iron
    [n][h] Kologarn
    [n][h] Auriaya
    [n][h] Freya
    [n][h] Hodir
    [n][h] Mimiron
    [n][h] Thorim
    [n][h] General Vezax
    [n][h] Yogg-Saron
    [n][h] Algalon the Observer
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    Trial of the Crusader:
    [n][h] Northrend Beasts
    [n][h] Lord Jaraxxus
    [n][h] Faction Champions
    [n][h] Twin Val’kyr
    [n][h] Anub’arak
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    Icecrown Citadel:
    [n][h] Lord Marrowgar
    [n][h] Lady Deathwhisper
    [n][h] Gunship Battle
    [n][h] Deathbringer Saurfang
    [n][h] Festergut
    [n][h] Rotface
    [n][h] Professor Putricide
    [n][h] Blood Prince Council
    [n][h] Blood-Queen Lana’thel
    [n][h] Valithria Dreamwalker
    [n][h] Sindragosa
    [n][h] The Lich King
    * [h] Indication of Hardmode/Heroic or Kill Order

    Raiding Experience: Cataclysm

    Not able to get into a raiding guild with my warrior i was forced to play my rogue.

    Psyphin, Gnome Rogue (DPS)

    Baradin Hold:
    [n][ ] Argaloth
    [n][ ] Occu’thar
    [n][ ] Alizabal

    Blackwing Descent:
    [n][h] Magmaw
    [n][h] Omnotron Defense System
    [n][h] Maloriak
    [n][h] Atramedes
    [n][h] Chimaeron
    [n][ ] Nefarian

    The Bastion of Twilight:
    [n][h] Halfus Wyrmbreaker
    [n][h] Valiona & Theralion
    [n][ ] Ascendant Council
    [n][ ] Cho’gall
    [ ][ ] Sinestra

    Throne of the Four Winds:
    [n][h] Conclave of Wind
    [n][ ] Al’Akir

    [n][h] Shannox
    [n][ ] Lord Rhyolith
    [n][ ] Beth’tilac
    [n][ ] Alysrazor
    [n][ ] Baleroc
    [n][h] Majordomo Staghelm
    [n][ ] Ragnaros

    After finding a spot to raid on my warrior again, this is the progression

    Fosix (aka: Tiggles), Gnome Warrior (Tank)

    [n][h] Shannox
    [n][h] Lord Rhyolith
    [n][h] Beth’tilac
    [n][h] Alysrazor
    [n][h] Baleroc
    [n][h] Majordomo Staghelm
    [n][h] Ragnaros

    Dragon Soul:
    [n][h] Morchok
    [n][h] Warlord Zon’ozz
    [n][h] Yor’sahj the Unsleeping
    [n][h] Hagara the Stormbinder
    [n][h] Ultraxion
    [n][h] Warmaster Blackhorn
    [n][h] Spine of Deathwing
    [n][h] Madness of Deathwing
    Raiding Experience: Mists of Pandaria
    Tiggles, Gnome Warrior (Tank)

    Mogu’shan Vaults:
    [n][h] The Stone Guard
    [n][h] Feng the Accursed
    [n][h] Gara’jal the Spiritbinder
    [n][h] The Spirit Kings
    [n][h] Elegon
    [n][ ] Will of the Emperor

    Heart of Fear:
    [n][ ] Imperial Vizier Zor’lok
    [n][ ] Blade Lord Ta’yak
    [n][ ] Garalon
    [n][ ] Wind Lord Mel’jarak
    [n][ ] Amber-Shaper Un’sok
    [n][ ] Grand Empress Shek’zeer

    Terrace of Endless Spring:
    [n][ ] Protectors of the Endless
    [n][ ] Tsulong
    [n][ ] Lei Shi
    [n][ ] Sha of Fear

    Throne of Thunder:
    [n][ ] Jin’rokh the Breaker
    [n][ ] Horridon
    [n][ ] Council of Elders
    [n][ ] Tortos
    [n][ ] Megaera
    [n][ ] Ji-Kun
    [n][ ] Durumu the Forgotten
    [n][ ] Primordius
    [n][ ] Dark Animus
    [n][ ] Iron Qon
    [n][ ] Twin Consorts
    [n][ ] Lei Shen
    [ ][ ] Ra-den

    Siege of Ogrimmar:
    [n][h] Immerseus
    [n][h] The Fallen Protectors
    [n][h] Norushen
    [n][h] Sha of Pride
    [n][h] Galakras
    [n][h] Iron Juggernaut
    [n][h] Kor’kron Dark Shaman
    [n][h] General Nazgrim
    [n][h] Malkorok
    [n][h] Spoils of Pandaria
    [n][h] Thok the Bloodthirsty
    [n][h] Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    [n][h] Paragons of the Klaxxi
    [n][h] Garrosh Hellscream

    Raiding Experience: Warlords of Draenor

    Tiggles, Gnome Warrior (Tank)

    [n][h][m] Kargath Bladefist
    [n][h][ ] The Butcher
    [n][h][ ] Brackenspore
    [n][h][ ] Tectus
    [n][h][m] Twin Ogron
    [n][h][ ] Ko’ragh
    [n][h][ ] Imperator Mar’gok

    Blackrock Foundry:
    [n][h][m] Gruul
    [n][h][m] Oregorger
    [n][h][ ] Blast Furnace
    [n][h][m] Hans’gar & Franzok
    [n][h][m] Flamebender Ka’graz
    [n][h][ ] Kromog
    [n][h][m] Beastlord Darmac
    [n][h][ ] Operator Thogar
    [n][h][ ] Iron Maidens
    [n][h][ ] Blackhand

    Hellfire Citadel:
    [n][h][m] Hellfire Assault
    [n][h][m] Iron Reaver
    [n][h][m] Kormrok
    [n][h][m] Kilrogg Deadeye
    [n][h][m] Hellfire High Council
    [n][h][m] Gorefiend
    [n][h][m] Shadow-Lord Iskar
    [n][h][m] Socrethar the Eternal
    [n][h][m] Tyrant Velhari
    [n][h][m] Fel Lord Zakuun
    [n][h][m] Xhul’horac
    [n][h][m] Mannoroth
    [n][h][m] Archimonde

    Raiding Experience: Legion

    Tiggles, Goblin/Tuaren Warrior (DPS)

    The Emerald Nightmare:
    [n][h][m] Nythendra
    [n][h][m] Il’gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    – (Completed on Deathknight, Progression: No Blood tank for single/mass grip)
    [n][h][m] Elerethe Renferal
    [n][h][m] Ursoc
    [n][h][m] Dragons of Nightmare
    [n][h][m] Cenarius
    [n][h][m] Xavius

    Trial of Valor:
    [n][h][m] Odyn
    [n][h][m] Guarm
    [n][h][m] Helya

    The Nighthold:
    [n][h][m] Skorpyron
    [n][h][m] Chronomatic Anomaly
    [n][h][m] Trilliax
    [n][h][m] Spellblade Aluriel
    [n][h][m] Tichondrius
    [n][h][m] Krosus
    [n][h][m] High Botanist Tel’arn
    [n][h][m] Star Augur Etraeus
    [n][h][m] Grand Magistrix Elisande
    [n][h][m] Gul’dan

    Tomb of Sargeras:
    [n][h][m] Goroth
    [n][h][m] Demonic Inquisition
    [n][h][m] Harjatan
    [n][h][m] Sisters of the Moon
    [n][h][m] Mistress Sassz’ine
    [n][h][m] The Desolate Host
    – (Deathknight Progression: Healing issues, needed for add tank.)
    [n][h][m] Maiden of Vigilance
    [n][h][m] Fallen Avatar
    [n][h][m] Kil’jaeden

    Antorus, the Burning Throne:

    [n][h][m] Garothi Worldbreaker
    [n][h][m] Felhounds of Sargeras
    [n][h][m] Antoran High Command
    [n][h][m] Portal Keeper Hasabel
    [n][h][m] Eonar the Life-Binder
    [n][h][m] Imonar the Soulhunter
    [n][h][m] Kin’garoth
    [n][h][m] Varimathras
    – (Warrior Progression: Necrotic Tanking)
    [n][h][m] The Coven of Shivarra
    – (Warrior Progression: DPS Tanking)
    [n][h][ ] Agramar (Best Attempt: 1%)
    – (Deathknight Progression: Extra Single/Mass grip for intermission.)
    [n][h][ ] Argus the Unmaker

    Guild Leadership, Positions or Responsibilities:

    I was an officer and raidleader before, during Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. I also was an active user in previous guild meetings to do with strategic development and review logs of other guild kills to see how we can adapt their strat’s to ours.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others:

    I’ve been a Warrior since the start of World of Warcraft, falling in love with Protection specifically and I’ve always enjoyed the Warrior play style, both Tanking and Damage Dealer.

    I play my Warrior with my guilds focus in mind and not for my own goals or focuses. I understand and that sacrifice is going to be needed in order to obtain a guild kill as a whole.

    As a Damage dealer, i know its better to forget about my damage and log ranks for the greater good, but i also understand that damage is a critical part of a boss fight, to some extent.

    As a Tank, i know that my mistakes WILL cause the raid to fail and delaying the kill. I know that i have to adapt faster and better than anyone in the raid to make sure my role, is not the weak link in a machine with many working parts (The raid).

    I stand out from others because of this, because i know the difference between making the right decision in DPS or TANK, playing defensively or when its the right time to focus more on damage output.

    Information Gathering:

    Warrior/Deathknight/Monk/Druid Discord Servers

    I head over to Warcraft Logs, to review other people’s rotation, timings and positions, to better my own and apply them in the raid. Its also a tool i use, if possible, to help decide talents, gear choices and defensive or dps cooldowns.

    Example: Before i started progression on Kin’garoth, i looked over some logs and saw multiple warriors were saving Avatar, exclusively for add phase, as it was well timed for coming off cooldown. Also looking at how many Battle Cry’s i can get off in-between add phases, on the boss.

    Class Strength’s & Weaknesses:

    Being a damage dealer this expansion, i will expand on this other than tanking for now.

    Fury has the good points of being a very high burst damage dealer, with high mobility, making us great for target switching on the dime.

    Our mid-range damage is “OK”, but nothing amazing, we only REALLY shine in the execute phase, bringing in some great damage outside of our battle cry! Although, with people being higher geared and fights becoming farm content, execute phases do become shorter and we don’t often get to show our potential!


    I have Ventrilo/Mumble/Teamspeak/Raidcall/Openraid/Skype/Discord installed and a working mic, which I can use, if or when required.


    I am able to raid as per your schedule, as my personal availability is as follows:

    Monday : 18:30 – 00:00
    Tuesday : 18:30 – 00:00
    Wednesday : 18:30 – 00:00
    Thursday : 18:30 – 00:00
    Friday : 18:30 – *
    Saturday : 10:00 – *
    Sunday : 10:00 – 00:00

    * – Realm Times
    * – If needed, I am also available on unmentioned days, just a heads up if needed on the days.

    What you can expect from me:

    You can expect a mature and well-rounded player who communicates when needed and always giving input wherever I can, making raid leaders jobs a little easier (It’s enough to raid lead and do your job as well) I’m always willing to learn, wipe. Whatever it takes, to get a successful kill for the guild. I love helping people wherever I can, gearing alts (As I’ve seen it, you get what you give to others) whatever it is.

    What I would like from you:

    I expect a friendly, mature bunch of people who are also willing to take the time out of there life, to put in just as much as everyone else puts in. A fair and respectable raiding environment.

    People say they don’t care about gear, well I do. I like to be rewarded for my hard work in the raid, but I also know when it’s my time and when I should pass it for others who need it more.

    I also expect a healthy portion of raiding with you guys as a guild. Not always to be subbed (Also, there is always, at some point, going to be a subbing. I’m fine with that, just don’t sub me for someone who has failed countless times and is getting raid spots on account of Officers/Raid Leader’s friend)

    In ending, i would like to thank you for your time and patience reviewing my application.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Problem with the original thread has stopped me from editing, so please note that the logs provided are from my time on Kazzak, these are the newest logs:


    Also willing to play my Deathknight instead of Warrior, depending on you needs.

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    Hi Fozix,

    Thank you for your application we will discuss it and get back to you with any questions we may have.





    Thanks for the application.

    Unfortunately we have decided to decline.


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