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    Name, Age and where you’re from

    Jacob, 23, Denmark

    Character Name and BattleTag

    Armafyhst, ProfessorCha#2625



    Primary spec


    Link to your Armory profile

    Warcraft Logs or Similar

    What addons do you use? (Please provide a screenshot of your UI –IN COMBAT–)

    ElvUI, Vuhdo, DBM, WeakAura2, RCLootCouncil

    The essentials I think. Willing to use BigWigs if that’s a guild requirement.

    How did you hear about MMM, and what made you consider applying?

    Got contacted by Warmad on

    Tell us about your last guild. Why are you choosing us over them?

    Exiled got disbanded because of many issues, it was same guild as Kelthyzad, Kratos, Divorsia, Shinnar, Herpiderpi and maybe others that’s going to apply.

    Tell us about the rest of your raiding history. What content have you cleared in the past? Which guilds did you do it with? Do you have any experience in guild leadership positions or other positions of responsibility?

    7/7m EN got through it with a more casual guild, and I was kind of bad throughout, but I learned a lot in it.

    10/10m NH my favorite time yet, since the guild I cleared mythic in was really fun, but got new leadership afterwards and as such it became worse and in ToS the guild disbanded.

    7/9m Progressed until and including Mistress on my Elemental Shaman, but took a break then because the guild from Nighthold broke apart, later I joined the guild I’ve just been in where Maiden was already on farm, so got that down in decent time.

    Right now 9/11m in Antorus, with about 3 hours on Aggramar I think, lots of guild problems and in the end disbanded. Good times and bad times really.

    Tell us how you play your class, and how it makes you stand apart from others

    Think one of you said it well. Rejuvenation blanket the raid, Wild Growth right after damage has come in. Use Essence of G’hanir when more burst healing is required and Flourish is also good for burst healing, but really good for sustained healing as well.

    How do you improve? – What resources do you use to optimise your performance – please provide details & examples as required.

    Take a look at the Dreamgrove sometimes, it’s more if I feel like I’m doing bad, then I look at my logs. Improvement usually comes when I get a feeling for an encounter, so that I can use my Flourish, Essence of G’hanir and Velen’s Future Sight more effenciently.

    What are the strengths of your class in comparison to other classes in your role? (E.g. if you are Mage – what are your strengths/weaknesses vs a warlock?)

    I bring a lot of raid healing, that’s always there with Efflorence, Lifebloom and some spread Rejuvenations. With all my hots it also gives me time to DPS a bit, so I usually do some of that.

    Can you use Discord, do you have a mic, are you vocal?

    Not that comfortable to talk in a new environment, but I do use Discord and have a microphone. I get a bit more talkative the more I know people.

    Can you Raid on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 8:00pm to 11pm GMT+0? (9:00 pm to 12 pm Servertime)

    Yes, but prefer an hour earlier, though I don’t care too much about it.

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    Thanks for the application.

    One question which comes to mind is with regard to your UI.

    From watching hundreds of kill vids over the years – it seems that most top end healers have a similar UI – with the raid frames below their feet & CDs above / around the raid frames.

    Have you tried experimenting with your UI to optimise raid awareness?
    I think it is the hardest part of playing a healer.




    I change my UI so much because I find it hard to find a really good one, so when I see one I change it a bit. I’ve used ElvUI for most of NH iirc for raid frames, but gone with Vuhdo for more easily accessable debuff management, but might go back to ElvUI as I see them as about equal in terms of usefulness.

    I think it’s a big part of being a healer as well, because you need to be able to see mechanics while healing, which moving it to the left has helped.

    Jdotb’s UI has inspired me with the icons below my feet and making them smaller, but again always testing it out.



    Hey Armafyhst,

    Could you please provide a UI screenshot during a raid encounter? Preferably one which includes how you track incoming raid debuffs, fatal one shot mechanics, how you keep track of your cenarius ward/rejuvs/lifeblooms/spot healing debuffs on the raid frames & so on?

    Thank you in advance, Jamsam.



    A better representation though it doesn’t show debuffs, but they’re a smallish icon floating on the top side of the players, and if it’s dispellable it lights up a bit as well, for example sleep canisters.

    I think I’ll have to play around a bit more with DBM placement, but I don’t want it too much in the middle.



    Hey Armafyhst, thanks for responsing.

    Another one from me, how are you keeping track of lifebloom’s CD? And how important do you consider lifebloom & efflorescence for a resto druid.

    – Jamsam.

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    I’m just tracking Lifebloom via the raid frames, I don’t consider it really essential enough to track with Weakauras. Efflorence is really good for it’s manacost though, close to free healing. Though I do sometimes have too little uptime on it, which is something I need to improve.

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