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Realm First! Kil’Jaeden

The Misty Moon rises above the Tomb of Sargeras!

With The Misty Moon Massive’s return to raiding comes another Realm First! Achievement.


After a rushed reunion one week before the release of ToS we grabbed 20 willing players & head into TOS without a clue, with no gear, no traits & with the great new plan to raid only 9 hours a week….

Just short of four months and here we are, once again at the top of the realm.

Great job and looking forward to Antorus!

The officer team


Special shout out to:

All the people who took a leap of faith and transferred back to rejoin the guild on a weeks notice

Tasty, Jamsam, Okayama and Dazro for surviving the not-so-safe spot and securing the kill

Everyone on the bench for their patience and commitment to being available for weeks without raiding


Click the link below to see the kill vid

Beware though – Totem’s made it – and it’s mental

The quality of the first 30 seconds are particularly stunning.

Dont forget – Totems does this shit professionally…

Community contributions:


a bit



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