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Well shit….


The time has come for The Misty Moon Massive to cease raiding.


We have acheived a great deal over the last 2.5 years – from struggling on normal Imperator for weeks – to wiping on heroic blast furnace forever – to killing Archimonde – to Server 1st Helya Mythic.

The guild has changed dramatically over this time – but always kept the same spirit – We always treated our members as fairly & as well as we could – We gave them a place that they could really enjoy raiding.

Unfortunately – we moved away from that fun atmosphere in Legion & while our rankings have been above our expectations – the guild has lost much of the spark that made it special.

Those of you who joined the guild in Legion – I wish you could have raided with us all in WOD – MMM was a really great place to play & was by far the most fun I have had in any game.


On a personal note – I am incredibly proud of what we achieved in this guild & I want to thank everyone who contributed to helping us do it.

– Adam, Klaudia, Doka – we built this guild together – the amount of time we spent recruiting & spamming trade chat with our 1/10 heroic guild getting anyone on the server with a lvl 100 character on the raid team…

– Prudi, Gummie, Zenue – Really Excellent officers who gave their best efforts in a thankless role – the guild would not have been here today if not for your effort.

– Nezir, Tibbs, Krigue, Totems, Captivate, Zario, Madjack – We were very lucky to find you guys – you were the heart of the guild for the past 2.5 years – I really loved to raid & waste time doing dumb shit with you all.

– Korogg, Amascite, Livion, Brelshar, Tuckerr, Kronous, Jenka, Themandem, Fireflys & the whole of the current raid team – thanks to all of you.

But Most importantly I want to thank – Anna, Deglore, Calard, Gruwel, Penguin, Tatters, Jaeger, Noobling, Kharzag, Shhteve, Tizona, Val & “that DK tank who ninja pulled and GQuit -who nobody can ever remember the name of “. – The fucking Grade A loooonatics who made it so much fun.


There are plans for some of the old guys to try and play FFXIV for a bit – and take a break from WOW – anyone who is interested is welcome.

Most of you will continue to raid elsewhere – I wish you the best of luck.

To close – Myself & all of the Officers always did our absolute best to make the best guild & raiding environment which we could – and I hope you enjoyed your stay.


Druwd and the Officer Team

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